Setting up a ChARM account

Hello future patient!

We are happy that you have chosen Columbia Basin Natural Family Medicine and we look forward to working with you!

Below is a description of the process for becoming a patient and instructions to help you navigate it smoothly. To complete this intake process you will need to have (or borrow or use) a computer that has access to the internet. Some people have gone to the public library to do this.

  1. Log into your email account. You will need your email address and password to do this.
  2. You will have received an e-mail from us with an invitation to sign up on the ChARM patient portal. Please click on the long link (a bunch of letters, numbers and symbols in blue type and underlined with blue) within this email. It should open an internet browser screen. The browsers that work best are Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge.  Internet Explorer does not work well with this program.
  3. This screen, once opened, will have your name and a box to fill in your date of birth. Fill in your date of birth to sign into the patient portal. (If you are having trouble getting past this screen, please call our office to ensure that we have the correct date of birth for you – we try to be careful about this, but occasionally a typo or miscommunication does occur).
  4. Yay! You have made it into your account and now you will have the option of setting up your own log on and password for this account. Be sure to write these down as you will need them to get into your account in the future for lab results, messaging with Dr. Trautman or Shawnee, etc…
  5. Once you are logged on, you will be taken to the “DASHBOARD“.  Everything that you need in relation to our office is found on this screen. On the ‘button’ that says ‘Questionnaires’ there should be a red number. This number indicates the number of questionnaires sent from us for you to fill out.
  6. When you have 30-45 minutes to work on these, then click on the ‘questionnaires’ button.  Be sure to have your medical history, such as surgery/hospitalization/illness/ imaging dates handy.  A  screen will open that shows the names of the questionnaires to be filled out (on the left).  You are able to work on this and save your work and come back and finish it later.  Once you click ‘submit’, the questionnaire will be sent to us and you can no longer make any changes or additions to it.
  7. You can click on any one of the links on the left to begin filling out the questionnaires. The questionnaire will open in the middle of your screen and you can begin to answer the questions.  When you click on ‘submit’, the questionnaire will be sent to us and a checkmark will appear next to the name of the questionnaire on the left side of your screen indicating that it has been sent. There are certain questions that require an answer, if they have not been answered than the software will not allow you to ‘save’. (Insurance boxed must have something in them, use zero or ‘eeeee’ if you do not have insurance)
  8. Fill out all of the questionnaires that are in the left column. This is not primarily just a hoop you have to jump  through to get an appointment.  It’s purpose is to allow Dr. Trautman to be somewhat familiar with your health issues so that she can direct the time in the appointment more specifically, and thus more effectively. When they all have a check mark by them, you will know that you are done. Woohoo!
  9. When we receive these questionnaires and you have brought in or sent to us, your lab work (blood, urine, tissue biopsy, Pap, etc…) and any imaging (X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, DEXA, etc…), then we will call you to schedule an appointment. The fastest way to get these records is to go into your doctor’s office, sign the release, and wait for them to copy/print the records. If they cannot do it at that time, then let them know the date by which you need them (not longer than 1 week), and call in the next day and kindly check on them. You will NOT be a priority to them unless you make yourself one by your gentle persistence.

I understand that this can feel like an overwhelming process. Bite it off one chunk at a time. This will NOT be the hardest part of your visit. When you make it through this process you are that much more committed to working on your health and to being able to work through the treatments and life-style changes that are inconvenient, tedious or difficult. Working on the root of the cause of ill health is often a big venture and is well worth the time and effort. Nothing worth having comes easy, right?

See you soon-

Dr. Trautman and Shawnee McNamara