If you’re unsure that naturopathic care is right for you,  or you want to meet the doctor before you schedule your first visit, then you may schedule a free, 15-minute, in-person consultation with Dr. Trautman. She’ll answer questions about her training and naturopathic medicine in general.  Dr. Trautman will not consult on your specific medical history or condition during this visit.


Midwifery Consult

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and would like to discuss midwifery care with Dr. Trautman you can schedule a 45 minute, free consult with her. For pregnant women planning a home-birth and wanting to establish care with Dr. Trautman, this visit is necessary before starting midwifery care. Both mom and dad need to be present at this visit. It allows us to make sure that we are a good fit before we begin this important journey together.



If you can’t keep a scheduled appointment, let us know as soon as possible so we may give this time to another patient. You will be charged for appointments with Dr. Trautman that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


First ND Visit

Your first visit with Dr. Trautman will last 90-120 minutes. The doctor will visit with you in detail about your health concerns, pertinent past medical history, current medications, and lifestyle. She will also address any acute health problems and do physical exam as needed. She will discuss and arrange for laboratory tests as indicated. Dr. Trautman may give you a treatment plan to start on at this visit.

URGENTS: If you have a family member who is a patient of Dr. Trautman or if you are a user of naturopathic medicine and new to the area, Dr. Trautman may see you for an urgent infection/illness (cold/flu/urinary tract infection, injury, etc…) before you are a regular patient. These visits are not for ongoing problems. The visit will be 15-20 minutes and will address a single, new, acute issue.  Plan to fill out an acute intake online before you come in or arrive early to fill it out in the office.


Second ND Visit

Your second visit with Dr. Trautman will last 30-60 minutes. During this visit, she will check on functional testing that you did after the first visit, review lab results and devise an individual treatment plan to start you on the road to better health.


Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits (usually lasting 30-45 minutes) will be scheduled as per doctor recommendations and your individual treatment plan. You may always schedule a visit as you need if you have new concerns, urgent illness or injury, or are having problems with your treatment plan.


Physical Medicine (Bodywork)

Dr. Trautman will do spinal manipulation, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy (water), and soft tissue work for patients of CBNFM.  This will start with a brief assessment (unless she has prescribed the therapy as part of a treatment plan at a previous visit) and then you will receive appropriate treatment. The first visit for a new concern is generally 45-60 minutes.  After that, depending on the plan, treatment will vary from 30-60 minutes.  If you are having water therapy (hydrotherapy) or soft tissue work, bring proper attire in the cold weather months so that you can bundle up well before leaving the office at the end of the appointment. This should include a coat, hat and scarf and warm shoes.  If you are coming for hydrotherapy bring a swimsuit.



Dr. Trautman does a variety of physicals, including sports physicals,  at the office.  Be sure to inform the front desk of the type of physical you are needing when you schedule and bring the appropriate paperwork with you.  She does not do CDL physicals.


Vaccine Waivers

In Washington State you are required to be informed by a doctor of the risk of disease if you are choosing not to  have your children vaccinated.  Dr. Trautman is happy to discuss these with you, answer any questions you may have and sign the waiver if that is your choice.  These visits are 15-60 minutes depending on how many children are involved and how familiar you are with vaccines and disease risks.


Phone Consults (established patients)

If you live out of town, you may schedule telephone consults with Dr. Trautman in lieu of in-person visits when physical exam is not indicated.