The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer.

Pregnant in America – the true story of Steve and Mandy Buonaugurio, a young, adventurous, expectant couple, who decide to take a daring and potentially dangerous approach to having their first child–outside the modern American medical system. (DVD)

Benefits of Vernix: That lovely cream that covers babies in the womb.  An online article on why it is best not to wash it off.

Articles from Aviva Romm, MD, Midwife.

bullet 10 things all pregnant women should know about birth

bullet  Home birth: Why this doctor would still choose one.

bullet  U.S. Obstetric Guidelines Biased

bullet Is Labor Induction best for mom and baby?        Induction Part 2

bullet Glucose Testing in Pregnancy


Video links


Interval Training Resources:
Interval Training Infographic: Helps you pick the right HIIT workout.

High Intensity Interval Training Workout Videos: High Intensity Interval Training workouts in a variety of lengths and styles for home workouts.

Video links

bullet  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: proper sleeping positions

bullet  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome:  stretches for ulnar, median and radial nerve passage.

Foods (and food allergies)

Safety of raw milk:  from the Weston Price Foundation detailing the unique properties of raw milk that keep it safe.

Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health, and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk. By Keith Woodford. 2007. Casomorphine from cows that have the A1 gene (most of the cows in North America) seems to be the causative factor in the health issues with milk (cardiovascular disease, diabetes and in exacerbating schizophrenia and autism). Is your milk A1 or A2?

Wholesome cooking

bullet Food Renegade: she has some interesting recipes.  I like her bone broth in a pressure cooker recipe.

Eating well in spite of your food allergies

bullet The Spunky Coconut: gluten -free (alot of grain free recipes) and dairy-free

bullet The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen (nourishing meals): gluten-free, GMO-free, whole foods.  Resources for elimination diets.

bullet The Gluten-free Goddess: gluten-free, also some vegan recipes (dairy-free, egg-free).  She has a great cheat sheet and some tips for baking gluten-free.

bullet  Teenagers and food restrictrions: a teenager’s perspective on life with a restricted diet.

Gut and Digestion

 Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT): information on the ‘Hows and Whys’.  Instructions for DIY at home.

Ubiome:  A company that will send you a kit to check your microbiome (the bacteria that live in and on your body)  You can check your mouth, ears, nose, gut, or genitals.   This is a new company (2014) so right now it is just interesting information, but in a few years when many people have been tested, the information could become very helpful in knowing what a healthy microbiome should look like.

Genetic Testing

23 and me: Genetic testing by mouth swab that is very inexpensive. This is not a medical test, this simply lists your genes.  You will need to take this raw data (list of genes) and run it through Sterling’s App to pull out the genes that are useful to us for health care.

Sterling’s App: an online application that will pull out genetic changes (SNPs) that may be contributing to your health issues. Take the raw data from 23 and me and run it through this app.

In the News

Epidmiological studies are showing that autism rates spiked every time a vaccine with human fetal DNA (aborted tissue cell lines) was released .  September 2014.  Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology.

Frozen Poop Pills Fight Life Threatening Infections.  Oct. 2014

The nature of medicine and the medicine of nature.  Oct. 2014.  David Katz, MD.

Sulphoraphane reduces symptoms of Autism. Oct 2014.  Lurie Center for Autism, Massachusetts.  Study showing that sulphoraphane (found in broccoli) used to treat autistic boys and young men improved symptoms to such a degree that the caregivers could tell which kids were being given a placebo and which ones were being given the real thing.

Food avoidance in infancy, helpful or harmful?. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in Feb 2015 showing that peanut allergies are significantly higher in children who were not fed peanut products as infants/toddlers. This is in comparison to children who had been fed peanut products as an infant/toddler.

The truth about measles the media is suppressing. An interview of Suzanne Humphries, MD regarding measles and the measles vaccine.Feb 2015

New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers.. It turns out that in a New York investigation, many supplements sold by Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC contained NONE of the listed herbal ingredients. Feb 2015

Some Clarification for Angelina Jolie Pitt’s followers. Karolyn Gazella last wrote about Angelina Jolie Pitt when she publicized her decision to have a preventative mastectomy after learning that she is a carrier of the mutated BRCA gene. Now she’s in the news again for her decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. A new article by Karolyn Gazella. March 2015

Learning to Say No to Dialysis. An article discussing the lack of significant benefit of dialysis in seniors – the personal experience of a nephrologist (an MD who specializes in kidney care). March 2015

Why has Nearsightedness More Than Doubled in 50 Years?. A quick and interesting read. The bottom line is that kids need to be outside! For more details on the history of the theories of the mechanisms of myopia, go to and look for the article on the Myopia Boom. March 2015

New scientific study shows that singing and attending classical music concerts physically reduces stress.. Classical music concerts reduce cortisol levels in the body! July 2015

Everyone Has a Microbial Cloud..Everyone is surrounded by a unique “cloud” of millions of their own bacteria, according to scientists at the University of Oregon in the US. September 2015

Fecal Transplants Made (Somewhat) More Palatable.. Fecal transplants in mainstream media again. People are starting to realize the importance of a healthy microbiome. November 2015


Ditching baby cereal: describes the biology of why not to start your baby on grains as a first food.

Homemade Elderberry syrup:  Elderberry syrup is a great immune stimulant and antimicrobial and it tastes good!  It is expensive to buy, but cheap to make.  Here is a recipe from Wellness Mama that I like.


Direct Access Testing: An inexpensive way to run some standard tests without having a doctor’s order. They also generally have longer hours so that you can go before work or after work.  This is available at Samaritan Hospital Lab (765-5606) and at Columbia Basin Hosptial Lab (754-4631) Direct access testing refers to patients having direct access to certain tests without needing a doctor to order them.  You need to know which labs are available at each lab, which lab you want to have run and have the cash on hand to pay when you go in .  They will send the results directly to you.  The labs that have been offered in the past include: blood count (CBC), basic metabolic panel including cholesterol, TSH (thyroid), Vitamin D, and PSA (prostate).

Local Resources

Settler’s Natural Food Market: organic and allergy friendly foods, also supplements and fresh milk.  They have 2 locations;  Moses Lake – on 3rd Avenue, 1 block north of the post office and  Ephrata – on Basin Street on the north side of Ephrata near DK’s.

Health Pantry: allergy friendly foods and supplements. In the Safeway complex in Moses Lake.

Tonnemaker’s Orchard: organically grown fruit, squash, peppers.  Located on the Royal Slope (on Dodson Rd a few miles south of I-90).  You can go out there throughout the year or see them at the Moses Lake Farmers Market, May-October.

Heirloom Gardens: naturally grown fruits and veggies by a Slavik family who has known gardening for generations.  Based in Ephrata, they sell at the Moses Lake farmer’s market May-October.

Shane Ahmann’s Beef and Poultry: Organically grown, non-GMO beef, chicken and eggs. Located in Ephrata area. 509-760-5053

Cloudview Farms: in the Ephrata area.  Certified organic. Primarily veggies.  They do alot of leafy greens.  They will do weekly deliveries through the growing season of a box of whatever is ripe.   They are also at the Moses Lake & Ephrata Farmer’s Market.

Pure Eire Dairy: based in Othello, Washington. This is a certified raw milk dairy.  Cows are on pasture.  They also sell unhomogenized, pasteurized milk. They have a drop-off in Moses Lake at 4:00-6:00 pm on Wednesday nights. Drop-off location is the parking lot of Grace Harvest Church on 3rd Avenue across from big fire station near movie theatre.

Crowd Cow: This is a group that finds grass-fed cows and pastured chicken and allows you to purchase a share. The animals are from small farmers and ranchers around the western U.S.. They are butchered locally and frozen and sent to your home. Check out their website at

Non-toxic Household and Beauty Aids

It Takes Time: Less Pressure, More Life: one of my favorite sites for living toxin-free.  Lots of great helps for cleaning, household products and health and beauty aids from a mother who had to figure it out for the health of herself and her family.  She gets it.

Mom’s Aware: Living Healthy in a Toxic World.:  info on mold toxicity,  hidden household toxins, DIY cleaners and personal care products.

The Science of Clay:  Clay is a wonderful tool for skin and hair cleansing and health (as well as other medicinal uses).  Read about how it works here.

Safe home environments:

bullet Healthy homes hazards: describes the various hazards to health that may be around or in your home.

Physical Medicine at Home

Wet sock treatment

Wet sheet wrap


The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Sears Parenting Library) [Robert W. Sears]   2011 Edition

Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives.  By Aviva Jill Romm, MD.  September 1, 2001.

National Vaccine Information Center: information about each disease, about vaccines and manufacturers and about the laws in each state.

Dinner For Thought: Why don’t you vaccinate? : One dad’s articulation on why they chose not to vaccinate. He makes some good points. October 2015

Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network: another site with easily referenced information on the degree (or lack) of effectiveness for each vaccine, and risk vs benefit evaluations of each. Vaccines are not mandatory in Australia primarily because of the work of this group.

Women’s Health

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.  A great book for learning the rhythm of your cycles so that you know when you are fertile.