What is midwifery?

Photo by Misha Cox

Photo by Misha Cox

A funny sounding word when you first hear it, ‘midwifery’ is the term traditionally used to describe the art of assisting a woman through childbirth.  It is a form of the word midwife meaning ‘with woman’.  The modern midwife is a heath professional who provides holistic health care to the pregnant woman and to the new baby.

Midwives provide prenatal care, attend low-risk childbirth (providing support and if needed, medical care, during labor and delivery), and supervise the general care of women and newborns during the first six weeks after birth.  Focusing on the natural processes of pregnancy, labor, and birth, they combine traditional skills and modern medical techniques to safeguard normal childbirth. Communication between the midwife and the pregnant woman is emphasized, and midwives focus on working with the woman to reduce the risk of complications during childbirth. This care includes preventive measures, the promotion of normal birth, the detection of complications in the mother and child, accessing of medical or other appropriate assistance and the carrying out of emergency measures if needed.  Medical studies show that for low-risk pregnancies, out-of-hospital births attended by midwives are as safe if not safer than in-hospital births.  Click here for more resources on birth and homebirth.


Having a highly trained obstetric surgeon attend a normal birth

is analogous to needing to have a pediatric surgeon

babysit your healthy 2-year old.

Marsden Wagner, MD 


Midwifery Care with Dr. Trautman

Dr. Trautman is a homebirth midwife, who has been ‘catching babies’ in Central Washington since 2006. She went through academic training at Bastyr University, while working with a home-birth midwife for the clinical portion.  She then  completed an internship at a high-volume birth center in El Paso. After passing her Washington State board exams and becoming a licensed midwife, Dr. Trautman opened her practice in Moses Lake. She attends births in the greater Columbia Basin area.

Photos by Jessica Greenfield Photography

The schedule for midwifery care with Dr. Trautman is outlined below.

  • Consult (meet both parents, discuss homebirth, check that dates work with Dr. Trautman’s calendar)
  • First prenatal visit and lab work as needed.
  • Monthly prenatal visits until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and then every week from 36 weeks until delivery.  These visits are done at Dr. Trautman’s office.
  • Attendance at labor and delivery.
  • Postpartum visits including a 2 day home visit, a 1 week home visit, a 3 week visit at the office, and a 6 week visit, also done at the office.

The global fee for midwifery care with Dr. Trautman is $2800-$3200 – depending on where you live. Go to the Fees and Billing page for details on fee and payment.


As a midwife AND a naturopathic physician, Dr. Trautman can provide continuing pediatric care for your baby as well as ongoing care for you, mom!