Fees and Billing

Naturopathic Office Visits

Time billed includes time to record patient information at the end of the visit and, if needed, to coordinate care with other medical professionals.

10-15 minutes =    $50.00    (established pt) …………$60.00  (new patient)

15-25 minutes =    $65.00    (estab.)… ………………..$75.00   (new)

25-35 minutes =    $80.00   (estab.)……….…..………$90.00   (new)

35-50 minutes =    $110.00    (estab.)……….…..………$125.00  (new)

50-70 minutes =    $125.00 (estab.) …….….……..….$165.00  (new)

70-100 minutes =  $150.00  (estab.) ……….……..…..$200.00  (new)

100-120 minutes= $175.00  (estab.) …………………..$220.00 (new )

Phone consult by appointment (established patients only)………$30.00/15 minutes.

Record Review Fee: $85.00/hour (does not apply to first visit)

Physical medicine

Treatments are based on the amount of time treated with each modality (water, electric stim, massage, etc…). Average cost of treatment (without assessment**) is $60.00-$90.00 / 30 minutes.

**assessments are necessary at the first visit and every 5-10 treatments and are $50.00-$65.00.


Blood draw only (no visit) = $15.00

Injection only (no visit) = cost of injection material plus $10.00

Wart freezing treatment only (1-3 warts)= $75.00
Lesion freeze (first one)= $50-$75.00

PIP (Motor Vehicle Accident Claims)

For our current patients only, we offer to bill Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to treat injuries from car accidents. We will bill these agencies for payment as we provide you care. You must bring in the name of insurer, adjustor contact name and number, and claim number in order for us to bill the insurance for this.  If payment is denied, the patient will be responsible for payment of all charges for service received.

Phone and Messaging Consults

Phone and messaging (through ChARM patient health portal) consultations are provided for established clients only. For urgent medical needs where a response is needed before two business days, messaging correspondence is not appropriate.

Notes on Phone and ChARM messaging


• Phone calls and ChARM messages regarding an existing health issue that require more than 5 minutes of attention from Dr. Trautman will incur a fee.  This fee is $20 per 5 minutes interval.
• Phone calls and ChARM messages regarding a new health issue, regardless of the length of time of attention required, will also incur a fee.
• Messaging consultations that require multiple communications will incur additional charges.
• Phone and messaging charges are not billable to insurance.

This fee is not charged in the following cases:

• When you require clarification of treatment plan given within the last 30 days which is able to be answered in less than 5 minutes
• When the doctor has asked you to call/message.

If there is any question about this service you are welcome to ask about a charge.  Dr. Trautman will respond to your ChARM message within two business days; however, due to unexpected medical emergencies a response is sometimes delayed. If the doctor has not responded within two business days, you may need to schedule time to talk with Dr. Trautman.

Payment Terms

We accept payment by cash, check, or MC / Visa / debit card, including cards connected to HSAs. Checks that are denied for lack of funds will incur a fee of $35.00. A minimum billing fee of $2.00 or 15% APR, whichever is greater, is added to any unpaid balance.

The patient is responsible to pay any billed amount upon receipt of a statement from Columbia Basin Natural Family Medicine.  Failure to pay any outstanding amount upon receipt of a third and final statement will subject the account to be forwarded to a collection agency, with any additional fees charged by the collection agency added to the original amount owed.  It is understood, and agreed that in the event that an overdue balance is referred to a collections agency or attorney for recovery of fees, the patient is fully responsible for any and all costs incurred, including, but not limited to, attorney fees.

Purchase & Return of Dispensary Items

All dispensary items must be paid for at the time of purchase. Credit on account will be given for unopened items in perfect condition if returned within 4 days. No credit will be given for items returned after 4 days. Refunds cannot be made. Injectibles, injection supplies, products packaged in the clinic, refrigerated products, homeopathics, and birth control devices cannot be returned.

Mailing of Dispensary Items

We are no longer mailing from the office.  For out of town patients, we will  set you up with a Fullscript account so that you can easily purchase and have mailed to you the nutrients that Dr. Trautman has recommended.


The fee for prenatal care, birth and postpartum visits is as follows (based on where the birth and postpartum care will take place):

  • $3200 – Ellensburg, Coulee City, Elmira, Odessa, Ritzville, Lind, Mattawa
  • $3050 – Royal City, Othello, Quincy, George
  • $2950 – Ephrata, Warden, Soap Lake, Moses Lake addresses that are >10 miles from office

    Esther 047

  • $2800 – Moses Lake

This fee covers

  • All prenatal and postpartum visits to your home or in my office. Prenatal care begins at the first visit (4-30 weeks gestation).  Postpartum care begins at delivery and ends 6 weeks later.
  • Phone calls and messaging related to the pregnancy or postpartum
  • 24-hour on call service beginning at 37 weeks.
  • Services of an experienced midwife at your homebirth.
  • Use of Elizabeth Trautman’s birth pool (if available – this is first come, first serve)

 This fee does not cover

  • Laboratory expenses (an uncomplicated pregnancy will generally be $80-$150)
  • Ultrasound, if needed. (~$400)
  • Birth Kit (~$70)
  • Tub liner if you are using Dr. Trautman’s birth pool (~$60)
  • Prenatal vitamins, herbs, any necessary prescriptions
  • Newborn screening (blood test) required by the state (~$100)

Complete payment is due by 36 weeks (one month before due date). We do not bill insurance.  You may bill your insurance for reimbursement – there is about a 75% success rate for patients who submit their invoice to their insurance for midwifery care.  We do not take credit cards for midwifery care.  Debit, cash or check are acceptable.