After-Hours Care

For established patients, Dr. Trautman carries a pager for after-hours situations that cannot wait until the clinic reopens.  The pager should be used to help determine an immediate direction of care and does not replace an office visit where Dr. Trautman is able to lay hands and eyes on the patient and be thorough in history taking.

If you have an Emergency, go to the Emergency room or call 911.

Dr. Trautman is not always available on the pager as she may be involved with a birth or  out of town.

When you call the pager:

  •  Leave a message with your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and a brief summary of the health problem.
  • Please respect Dr. Trautman’s time and keep your questions to the urgent issue at hand.
  • If you have not received a return call in 15 minutes then call again.
  • If you still do not receive a call back then you can assume that Dr. Trautman is unavailable and proceed to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.

Pager number:   (Five zero nine) 341 – zero five six five

The fee for use of the pager is to keep it from being used indiscriminately.  This amount is nothing if you have a serious, urgent health concern and would like to know if there are other options for treatment before heading to the ER.  The pager should be used to help determine an immediate direction of care and is not an office visit.

The initial pager call is $30 and covers the first 5 minutes.  The billing is in 5 minute segments after that at $20 for each 5 minute segment. (10 minutes = $50,  15 minutes = $70, and so on…).

For pediatric patients of Dr. Trautman (children for whom Dr. Trautman is the primary care doctor) there are 2 free (5 minute) pager calls per family in each calendar year.