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I have enjoyed serving this community these 15 years. As I relocate to Zambia (on the continent of Africa) soon, I will cherish the memories of this time. I have gained many treasured relationships through my practice, and have learned much.  I thank you for being teachers, as well as learners, as we have journeyed together.  I will leave this segment of my life with many amazing experiences and fond memories.

This clinic will be closing as we could not find someone to take my place. May 13th will be our last clinic day.

Some of you know that I have been taking regular trips to Zambia.  Previously, right up through the beginning of December 2020, I have had no intention of moving to Zambia; supporting them through the regular visits and electronic communication in-between-visits has been working.  However, there were significant changes that occurred and became evident on my visit in December 2020.  In mid-December, I became strongly convicted about moving to Zambia to run the new home (for handicapped children) and an adjacent clinic (to provide healthcare for the villages nearby).

So many of you have been wonderfully supportive as I have shared about this next chapter – thank you!

Blessings!  Dr. Trautman